Performance Management
Employee performance is the joint responsibility of the organization and the employee. Segmented into four parts, Performance Management involves defining the key result areas or key performance indicators, assessment of strength and improvement areas, promotions and development plans, for the entire workforce.

At Auromatrix, our comprehensive performance management system starts off with planning, where employees contribute to deciding their key performance areas and targets. These plans are mutually agreed up on by the reporting officer and the employee.

These plans and targets are reviewed during the assessment conducted at the end of the year. Reasons for the poor or great performance are evaluated and areas of strength and those requiring improvement are discussed and documented, so that the training and development needs of the employee can be identified.

Rewarding good performance is the keystone to keeping the workforce motivated. It influences the self esteem and achievement orientation, so that setbacks are accepted in good spirit and channeled to deliver successful results in the future. Promotions are recommended indicating the possible role.

Development plans are used to increase efficiencies, enhance performance, promote career growth and to help employees become better personalities. Result oriented training is imparted in skill development, functional training and behavioral training.

Fresh set of goals and new deadlines are established jointly by the employee and appraiser on an ongoing basis.