Learning & Growth
The Training and Development Policy at Auromatrix ensures employees are adequately trained for their assignments. A comprehensive online Training Plan is undertaken to develop their knowledge and skills in line with both business and individual goals, to meet current as well as future needs.

The Training Plan covers both soft skills as well as specific functional skills. A thorough training need analysis is conducted through appraisals, business requirements of the departments and employees’ recommendation.

The yearly training plan is more of a rolling plan where fresh courses could get added and planned courses rescheduled, while the training schedule is executed quarterly. A planned versus implementation review is conducted every month.

Qualified, credible and experienced Trainers are sourced both internally and externally to conduct the various programmes. Where required, their courses are supplemented by external training programmes that are similarly evaluated for suitability. To ensure effectiveness, training starts off with a pilot program.

Training evaluation is made on an ongoing basis to judge both the course content and delivery, as well as impact on employee performance.

The Mentor Program provides guidance from superiors for self development of an employee. For e.g. when management trainees join the organization, or when employees are assigned to an internal project, mentors are assigned.

A dedicated Training Manager takes on the onus of coordinating the varied elements of our training programmes. From understanding and consolidating the training needs projected by departments and individuals to sourcing trainers, from maintaining a database of the training records of each employee to organizing the programmes and overseeing their evaluations, the Training Managers are the drivers of our successful Training and Development initiatives.