HR Policy
People are the life and blood of our organisation. To nurture the most potent force in maximizing capital returns, our recruitment and retaining initiatives are built around contemporary people practices that cover the entire cycle of an employee's working life - from sourcing to retirement.

Our HR policies have been developed to align individual goals with organizational objectives. To provide the workforce a comprehensive support system that takes care of their every need - from training and development to joining expenses, from performance management systems to local conveyance expenses - considerable time and financial resources are invested.

Manpower requirements are assessed once every financial year based on business requirements. Internal postings and referrals as well as external sources like recruitment consultants, newspaper, magazine and online advertising, campus recruitments and more, are used to hire the most suited candidates. The process of selection on the basis of merit, ability, competence, experience and culture fit ensures the best manpower is attracted and retained to man the different organizational functions.

Ours is a culture that fosters a learning environment, for the growth and empowerment of all employees. With the aim of creating lasting relationships, we promote an environment of trust and dependability.