Corporate Culture
Auromatrix has a young and vibrant work culture, recognising talent and furthering it.

Our policies create an engaging and invigorating environment that promotes a healthy and mutually beneficial work environment for personal and organizational growth.

Constantly applying market innovations, our people are challenged to perform to the best of their abilities. They are exposed to a world of new technology, new operations and new ideologies, ensuring professional and personal fulfillment.

Job rotations, overseas visits and exposures continue towards building people capability for the present and the future. Ongoing planning for key positions is undertaken to ensure a pipeline of quality & talented individuals.

We encourage informal gatherings, welfare programmes, and other recreational activities for our employees. Work life balance activities through recreation, sports and cultural events continue at various units. Festivals are celebrated and events are periodically organized, involving employees and their families to bring in a sense of bonding and camaraderie. With equal synergy between work and play, we keep our employees rejuvenated and charged up, helping the company grow organically and creating opportunities for employee advancement.

Promoting an open door policy, we have created a culture of transparency in our functioning. Multi level communication is encouraged, so that the workforce is aligned with the aims and ambitions of the organization, while also promoting individual contribution.